My name is Sheryl Sosa and this is my journey. I was born in Mississippi and moved to Texas in 1973 where I became a realtor and owned several businesses. My husband and I both have been featured in magazines for our work, one of which is the Houston Voyage magazine. We lived there 40 years when we decided to move back to Mississippi to be closer to our families. We continued our businesses in Houston and opened a satellite company on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
My husband came down with bronchitis in 2016. The bronchitis was persistent for over 2 months and we decided to go to the Doctor to have him checked. That's when we found out that he had Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis and given 6 months to live. We went to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas and they gave him a round of chemo. He went from 212 lbs to 130 lbs.

He was bedbound on Hospice taking morphine to the point that he was hallucinating and didn't know who he was. He was on Hospice for a year and a half and they were trying to prepare me that my husband was on a journey. Some nights I could hear him beating on his chest and not being able to breath. That's when I asked God to guide my footsteps because I didn't know what to do for him anymore.

That's when God led me to my computer one night when I was desperate for an answer. I Googled natural remedies not knowing anything about herbs. The first site that came up was Planet Ayurveda. My first thought was "I can't hurt him with these herbs because he's dying" , and I was desperate to try anything at this point. I contacted the Doctors at Planet Ayurveda and they recommended an herbal combo pack for his type of cancer. A week later after he was on this herbal combo pack to my astonishment he was up out of bed asking to eat! And today, 2 and a half years later he is working in the yard, doing gardening, driving a car, doing all kind of daily activities. He was diagnosed in 2016 he was given 6 months are less to live and that was over 3 years ago and he is still alive!

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